The Wisdom Of Larry The Cable Guy

I give you for Christmas the wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy. The girl from the wet Tshirt contest that got first and third place cause one boob was bigger than the other ... it was his sister.

Cindy Crawfords beauty mark is revealed to be a tick.

Petsmarts dog water purifying machine .. cmon ..they eat turds wiping before you poop it don't make sense for petes sake.

Victorias secret ..a grown fellers chucky cheese. Got underbritches with holes in their crotch a whole drawer of them in my house.

The story of the Midget Stripper and edible panties (strawberry).

The remote control is in an anal area.

He can tell how old you are by playing with your big ol boobies .

Larry is suing Hustler Magazine for giving him carpal tunnel.

Nascar new driver in the Kotex Car.

Git 'r Done

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